[Opencart] WeChat Pay

[Opencart] WeChat Pay
[Opencart] WeChat Pay [Opencart] WeChat Pay [Opencart] WeChat Pay
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What is WeChat Pay?
WeChat, released by Chinese tech giant Tencent, is China's most popular social media app with a monthly user base of more than 1 billion people. Almost every Chinese person uses WeChat daily. WeChat is also the primary marketing tool for companies doing business in China. WeChat Pay is the payment method integrated into WeChat. It allows your customers to complete payment quickly using their smartphones. 


How does the extension work?

SunflowerBiz developers extend the default Opencart3 WeChat Pay extension with WeChat Pay JSAPI and H5 Pay API. It allows customers to checkout with WeChat Pay both on PC and mobile. After configuring the default Opencart 3.x WeChat Pay extension, our extension will auto-work. In this way, customers can pay with WeChat Pay in all scenarios, not only on a desktop computer but also in WeChat and mobile browsers.



The extension integrates the official WeChat Payment API that is more secure without transmitting by any 3rd-party agency. Customers' WeChat Pay accounts and passwords will not store on the server. Integration meets PCI compliance.
Pricing & Account

It's free to register a WeChat Pay's Merchant Account and request the WeChat Pay Native, JSAPI and H5 PayAPI. Please follow the steps in our blog post: How to Apply for the Native WeChat Pay API

Features of SunflowerBiz WeChat Pay Extension
  • The extension extends the default Opencart 3 WeChat Pay extension with WeChat Pay JSAPI and H5 API.
  • Allow customers to checkout with WeChat Pay both on PC and mobile.
  • Customers select WeChat Pay, enter the pin code, and complete the payment. 
  • Customers' WeChat accounts and passwords will not store in your store.
  • PCI compliance. 
Why should you Choose SunflowerBiz WeChat Pay Extension?
  • WeChat Pay is the most popular payment method in China. 
  • It is a must-have payment method to attract Chinese consumers.
  • It builds trust with the Chinese customers by enabling the online payment that they know well.
  • WeChat is the largest social network and is the primary marketing tool in China.
  • It brings potential marketing opportunities and makes it easy to promote your business using the WeChat app.
  • Free 365 days of technical support. 
  • Free software updates. 
  • 30 days Return Policy. 


Configuration of the Extension:



Please fill out the App ID, APP Secrect, API secret, Merchant ID that WeChat Pay provides for you.


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On PC--Scan QR code to Pay


On Mobile:



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Support Opencart 3.x OCMOD

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