How to Apply for the Native WeChat Pay API?

How to Apply for the Native WeChat Pay API?
If you already have a company registered in mainland China, there are some basic requirements to request the native WeChat Pay API for your online store. 
1. Basic requirements:
  • A Chinese business license.
  • A Chinese corporate bank account.
  • A filing domain.
  • A website hosted in China with an ICP filing.
2. Request a WeChat Official Account (Service Account) 
1) Go to the WeChat Official Accounts Platform and click Register now.
2) Register a Service Account
3) Enter an email address and password.
One email address can only register a single WeChat official account.
4) Select a Service Account and continue.
5) Enter Entity Information
3. Apply to WeChat Pay 
After your WeChat official account is verified, you can apply to WeChat Pay on the left-hand side of your WeChat official account. The application process is similar to register a WeChat official account. 
4. Register a WeChat Pay Merchant Account
1) Go to WeChat Pay Merchant Platform, select 境内商户, and click 接入微信支付.
2) Click 注册微信支付商户号
3)Scan a QR code 
The WeChat account that scans the QR code will be the super administrator of the WeChat Pay merchant account.
4) Fill out the Super Administrator information.
5)Fill out the Merchant Information.
5a) Business License
5b) Corporate ID card or passport.
5c) Corporate Bank Account Information.
5d) Business Information
5e) Preview and Submit
5f) Verify the information.
6) Account Verification
Transfer the specified amount through your corporate bank account to the designated Tenpay account.
5. Sign a Contract
Method 1:  Sign a contract on a mobile phone.
1a) WeChat will send a signing notification through WeChat Pay Merchant Assistant. 
1b) Click the Sign button to sign the contract.
Method 2: Sign a contract on PC.
​2a) Log in to the WeChat Pay Merchant Platform.
2b) Click the Sign button on the signing page.
6. SunflowerBiz WeChat Pay Extension
SunflowerBiz WeChat Pay extension offers a fast way to integrate WeChat Pay into your Magento store. Customers can select WeChat Pay as a payment method to make online payments both on PC and mobile devices.
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