[WORDPRESS] Product Designer

[WORDPRESS] Product Designer
[WORDPRESS] Product Designer
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This SunflowerBiz product designer tool allows your customers to design custom products by adding custom texts, images,borders, and icons.
First, you can select a base product from your site on the "Design Product" setting page. Then you can upload images, icons, and border images for your customers to choose from. Also, customers can upload images from local to your site.  
Customers can easily resize, rotate, flip, drag, remove the images and texts, and also can forward or backward layers as they wish using this design tool. 
After finishing the design, customers can add the designed product into the cart as normal and also can print the design. 
This module is developed based on Html5/CSS3 and supports Google Fonts and Color Picker. 
This module has both WP E-commerce and Woocommerce versions.
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