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[Opencart] Link Currency to Language

[Opencart] Link Currency to Language
Price: $20.00

This module allows you to set currency based on language.

-You can select more than one currency for one language.
-If you only select one currency for one language, customers are forced to use this currency for this language.
-Compatibility: v1.5.x-v3.x 

Vqmod version installation:

-Please run the following scripts in phpmyadmin

ALTER TABLE  `language` ADD  `currency` VARCHAR( 255 ) NOT NULL ;

Note: If your table name has prefix, please change table name to [prefix]_language.

-Please rename language_currency.xml_1.4.9.x-1.5.1.x or language_currency.xml_1.5.2.x-1.5.4.x under /vqmod/xml based on your opencart version to language_currency.xml and copy to your /vqmod/xml folder.
Ocmod version installation:
-Upload whole module zip file in admin->extension installer
-Refresh modification cache after install. 
-Enable our module in module list