[Opencart] Alipay Refund

[Opencart] Alipay Refund
[Opencart] Alipay Refund [Opencart] Alipay Refund [Opencart] Alipay Refund
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This extension integrates the Alipay Refund API to refund the payment via Alipay to customers' Alipay accounts.
On the front page, a customer can submit a refund request on the product returns section. After that, the admin will see a refund tab on the edit product returns page. The admin can enter a refund amount to auto refund to the source payment method. If the payment is through Alipay, it will refund to customers' Alipay accounts. After that, it will display a "refund success" on the same page.
You don't need to request the refund API or make any configuration on the backend. It will execute automatically after installation.

Additional Info:

Support Opencart 3.x OCmod.
Questions/support: [email protected]
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