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[Magento2] WeChat Official Account Login

[Magento2] WeChat Official Account Login
[Magento2] WeChat Official Account Login [Magento2] WeChat Official Account Login [Magento2] WeChat Official Account Login
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The Sunflowerbiz WeChat Official Account Login Extension is designed for customers who login your Magento store in wechat browser (wechat official account) and also offers an option to bind their wechat account with their existing Magento account.

In WeChat browser, it will offer an option whether to bind WeChat account to existing Magento account or not.  If choose to bind, customers will be asked to enter their existing Magento account and password to bind to their WeChat account. Next time when customers click your Magento store login page in WeChat browser, they can select "Not bind to Magento account" and auto login to their previously binded Magento account with no need to enter Magento account and password again. If choose not to bind, customers will auto login and system will auto create a new Magento account for the wechat account.

Meanwhile, we added "auto login" function in module setting page. After enable it, customers will auto login through wechat. It will not display an option to ask customers to bind with their existing Magento account or not. It will make the whole workflow more smoothly. You can choose which option you like. 

Wechat Login is the most popular Social Media appinChinadeveloped by Tencentin 2011and by 2017 it was one of the largest standalone messaging apps by monthly active users, with over 980 million monthly active users (902 million daily active users). It has been called China's "App For Everything" because of its many functions and platforms, and lauded as one of the world's most powerful apps.

By offering WeChat login, it will greatly attract Chinese customers to register and login on your store and provide a better user experience. With the help of this extension, customers will save a lot of time logging into your site which will increase the sale conversion rate.




  • Designed for wechat login in wechat browser (wechat official account) only
  • Automatically create a Magento account after login via WeChat
  • Offer an option to bind WeChat account to existing Magento account in WeChat browser
  • Offer an "Auto Login" option to simplify the workflow
  • Compatible with SunflowerBiz China Social Login Module. If both wechat login modules installed, use unionid to create an account. 



1. System _setting



2. Frontpage-------In WeChat Browser


Additional Information:

Support magento 2.x




Release Note
-Change name.
V1.0.5----------1st April. 2019
-Bug fix