[Magento2] China Address

[Magento2] China Address
[Magento2] China Address [Magento2] China Address [Magento2] China Address [Magento2] China Address
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The SunflowerBiz China address module displays 3 drop-boxes of the latest Chinese address on both the front page and the backend when China country is selected. 
On the front page, when a customer edit the shipping or billing address and selects China, 3 drop-down boxes of China addresses will display. After a customer selects a province in the 1st drop-down box, all cities corresponding to the province will auto display in the 2nd drop-down box. After the selection of a city, all counties assigned to this specific city will show up in the 3rd drop-down box. After that, there is another input box to enter the customer's full address. If no correct data found in the drop-down boxes of China addresses, it also allows customers to enter their addresses manually. The manually entered addresses will be saved and assigned to this specific customer only. If a customer goes to checkout as a guest and selects China, China addresses will display on the Shipping Address section of the guest checkout page. 
In the backend, when the administrator tries to add a new customer or create a new order in the backend and selects China, the 3 drop-down boxes of China addresses will auto-display. 
The module will save your customers’ time of completing the order, reduce the probability of the consumer to abandon the purchase, thus effectively improving the conversion rate of your store.
  • Display 3 drop-down boxes of China addresses including province, city, and county.
  • Display the drop-down boxes of China addresses both on the front page and backend.
  • Allow customers to manually enter the address.
  • Use the latest China addresses data.
Front page->Edit Address:


Front page->Guest Checkout:

Backend->Add New Customer:


Backend->Add New Order:


Additional Information:

Support Magento 2.x

Support Magento Community and Enterprise version.

Questions/support: info@sunflowerbiz.com


V1.0.4 Chnaged layout name.------------Updated on 11/16/2019

V1.0.2 Fixed magento 2.2.5 installation issue.------------Updated on 08/19/2018

V1.0.1 Fixed incompatibility path issue ----------Updated on 05/07/2018

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