[Magento2] Swiftpass WeChat Pay

[Magento2] Swiftpass WeChat Pay
[Magento2] Swiftpass WeChat Pay [Magento2] Swiftpass WeChat Pay [Magento2] Swiftpass WeChat Pay
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What is WeChat Pay?

WeChat released by Chinese tech giant Tencent, is China's most popular social media app with a monthly user base of more than 1 billion people. Almost every Chinese person uses WeChat daily. WeChat is also the primary marketing tool for companies doing business in China. WeChat Pay is the payment method integrated into WeChat. It allows your customers to complete payment quickly using their smartphones.

What is SwiftPass?

SwiftPass is a leading FinTech company dedicated to providing mobile payment solutions. In 2017, SwiftPass merged with Huafon Microfibre and became the first public listed company in the mobile payment industry (300180.SZ). The standalone valuation now for SwiftPass is more than 10 Billion CNY.

How does the extension work?

The extension integrates the WeChat Pay API provided by SwiftPass.  It enables your customers to make online payments with WeChat Pay. Customers select WeChat Pay as a payment method, enter the pin code, and complete the payment. If using a desktop computer, it will generate a QR code for the customers to scan with their smartphone and pay. After WeChat Pay receives the payment, it will send a notification to your Magento store. The order status will auto-change on the backend.

Pricing & Account

Please request the WeChat Pay API on the SwiftPass site.

Features of SunflowerBiz SwiftPass WeChat Pay Extension
  • You can enable or disable the extension on your Magento 2 dashboard.
  • The extension integrates the WeChat Pay API provided by SwiftPass.
  • Customers can select WeChat Pay as a payment method to checkout.
  • After the payment is complete, the order status will be changed automatically. 
  • On the backend, the admin can set the order status name when WeChat Pay accepts or refuses the payment.
  • On the backend, the admin can enable a log to record all the transaction data.  
  • Supports WeChat HK account and WeChat HK wallet.
  • Supports multi-languages.
  • PCI compliance. 
Why should you Choose SunflowerBiz WeChat Pay Extension?
  • WeChat Pay is the most popular payment method in China. 
  • It is a must-have payment method to attract Chinese consumers.
  • It builds trust with the Chinese customers by enabling the online payment that they know well.
  • WeChat is the largest social network and is the primary marketing tool in China.
  • It brings potential marketing opportunities and makes it easy to promote your business using the WeChat app.
  • Free 365 days of technical support. 
  • Free software updates. 
  • 30 days Return Policy. 
  • 100% Open Source.



1. System _setting

2. Front Page

3. Scan QR code to Pay



Additional Information:

Support Magento 2.x

Support Magento Community and Enterprise Version

Questions/support: info@sunflowerbiz.com



-From your base Magento2 directory -> app -> code (you may have to create this directory)
 Copy the Sunflowerbiz directory from this repository to your app/code directory. 
-From the base Magento2 directory
 Upload 'Wepayez' directory to 'app/code/Sunflowerbiz' directory of your Magento installation
-Enable the module running the following commands on the root of your Magento installation:
bin/magento module:enable --clear-static-content Sunflowerbiz_Wepayez
bin/magento setup:upgrade
bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
Note: Payment authorization catalog requires full path: https://YourDomain/sunwepayez/payment/redirect/
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