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[Magento] Product Shipping Limit

[Magento] Product Shipping Limit
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The SunflowerBiz Product shipping Limit Module allows you to select different shipping methods for each product. You can select a different shipping method for each product on the product management page from all existing shipping methods. Most importantly, we provide a solution to configure your shipping rules when customers purchase products with different shipping methods at the same time.

We offer 2 options on the configuration->catalog->product shipping page to set your own shipping rules: 
1) “When products have common shipping Method”
2) “When products do NOT have common shipping Method”. 
When products have common shipping Method, you have two options:
  1. Only display common shipping Method
  2. Display all product shipping Methods (available shipping method for all purchased products)
For example,
Add both product A and product B to cart
Product A with shipping A+ shipping B
Product B with shipping A+ shipping C
(Common shipping is shipping A)
If Only display common shipping Method, it will display shipping A when checkout.
If Display all product shipping Methods, it will display shipping A, B and C.
When products do NOT have common shipping Method, you have two options:
  1. Do not display any shipping Method
  2. Display Predefined shipping Method(s) (You can select predefined shipping method(s) from all shipping methods)
For example, 
Add both product A and product B in cart,
Product A with shipping A
Product B with shipping B
If Do not display any shipping Method, it will not display any shipping method.
If Display Predefined shipping Method, you can choose a predefined shipping to display when checkout.
One note, our module will not change how your existing shipping method works and will not change shipping costs. 
  • Assign different shipping methods to each product
  • Set shipping rules when multiple products with different shipping methods are added to the cart
  • Will not change how existing shipping modules works, or shipping costs.
  • Don't combine shipping costs or change shipping cost. One cart can only use one shipping method. 
  • Support magento 1.5.x~1.9.x

How to configure our extension:

1. Assign shipping method to Product. 

 2. Configure your shipping method rule.



-Please disable compilation before install.
-Upload folder /app/ to your site.
-Login admin again.
-Refresh cache if you are using magento cache.
-In admin->Configuration->Catalog, enable "Product Shipping" module.