How to Apply for the WeChat Customs API?


How to Apply for the WeChat Customs Clearance API?

How to quickly process the customs clearance for your online cross-border store? WeChat offers a customs clearance API that could auto-send the WeChat payment data to the customs to simplify the clearance process and save your time.

Step 1. Log into your WeChat Pay's merchant account. 


Step 2. Go to the Product Center.


Step 3. Request the Customs Clearance API



Step 4. Add the customs info.



SunflowerBiz WeChat Customs Extension
SunflowerBiz WeChat Customs extension offers a fast way to integrate the WeChat Customs Clearance API into your Magento2 store. After installing it and enabling the auto-post option, all the WeChat payment info will be auto-submit to the customs after the payment is complete.
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