How to Apply for the Native Alipay API?


  How to Apply for the Native Alipay API?


  When it comes to applying for the native Alipay payment API for your online store, you should register an Alipay merchant account first. After that, you can request the website payment and mobile payment to enable customers to make payments with Alipay in your online store.
  1. What you need to prepare?
  • A business license.
  • A corporate bank account.
  • A filing domain.
  • A website hosted in China with an ICP filing.

  2. Register an Alipay Merchant Account.

  1) Go to Alipay Merchant Platform and click Register Alipay.

 2) Select Merchant Account and enter an email address as the merchant account name.

  3) Mobile Verification.

  Please enter your mobile phone number and the verification code that your phone receives.

  4) Email verification.

  4a) Click 立即查收邮件 to check your email box.

  4b) Click the verification link in the email that Alipay sends to you. 

  5) Enter Account Information

  6)  Select Business Type.


   7) Enter Business Information.


 8) Enter Corporate Bank Information.



9) Submit


  3. Request the Payment API

  1)  Log in Alipay Merchant Platform and Click 产品中心



  2) Select 手机网站支付 and 电脑网站支付

  3)Click 立即开通



4)Enter the application form.



4. SunflowerBiz Alipay Extension

SunflowerBiz Alipay extension offers a simple way to integrate Alipay into your Magento store. After installing it and making a few configurations, it will enable customers to make online payments with Alipay on your Magento store. 

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